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What does my membership include?

Your membership includes exclusive private access to unpublished wholesale hotel rates that are up to 70% less than any other public travel website and only available to GOjoinGO members through our closed user group.

How do I join and what’s required to join?

Joining GOjoinGO to get access to these exclusive rates is fast and easy. Simply click here and select either our monthly or annual plan. Once you’ve selected your preferred plan, you’ll complete a brief membership form and begin your free trial right away and take advantage of our discounted rates immediately.

Why do you offer a big discount on annual memberships?

Just like with most all other subscription plans, GOjoinGO offers a discount for annual memberships. Not only does this help create long term customers but it also encourages members to make the most of their membership by taking advantage of these discounted rates on all of their travel creating a longer-term value for them as well as us.

Why do you offer a free trial?

We’re confident in the value we offer. In fact, so confident you won’t find better hotel rates on any other public booking website that we want to offer a risk-free opportunity to encourage consumers to give us a try and compare our rates to any other public booking website.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

We’re confident you’ll find incredible value in your membership but should you wish to cancel your membership you can do so at any time within your free trial period and your credit card will not be charged. Should you choose to cancel your membership after your free trial ends, your membership will remain active until the end of your membership period.  Your credit card will not be auto billed when your membership expires.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership by logging into your account.  Select “Account” from the top Menu.  Select “Subscriptions” and “Change Plan.”  You can also contact a GOjoinGO team member at team@gojoingo.com.

What credit cards do you accept for a GOjoinGO membership?

For membership fees, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

How do I renew my membership?

Both monthly and annual memberships are auto renewed so you’ll never have to worry about your membership expiring and not having access to GOjoinGO’s wholesale hotel inventory.


What kind of discounts will I find on GOjoinGO?

The average savings on hotel rooms amongst our members is 33%. Depending on each individual hotel’s availability, the discounts you’ll find on GOjoinGO will range between 5% and up to 70% or more off the retail rates. Because of our extensive inventory at over 800,000 hotels worldwide, it’s easy to find and book hotels for considerably less than any other public website. In fact, most of our members make back their membership fee in savings within their first hotel booking. The best way to see the discounts is to sign up for a free no risk 7-day trial so you can determine if a GOjoinGO membership is right for you.

How are you able to offer hotel rates that are considerably lower than all the other online booking sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, Hotels.com, and even hotel direct websites?

Over the last 20 years, we have built strong relationships with hotels, wholesalers, and other online travel agencies who are willing to share their deeply discounted wholesale rates with us. We are offering our rates through a secured platform that the public can’t access unless they’re registered users. These rates are called “Unpublished Rates”. The popular travel websites can only offer a “retail” price that’s provided by each hotel to assure a consistent price under a practice called “rate parity.” Hotel chains restrict public websites from undercutting their published rates. Because GOjoinGO.com is a “members only” user community, it’s able to offer wholesale rates because it’s a (CUG) closed user group and not subject to “rate parity”.

Do I have to be part of a CUG in order to get these travel deals?

Yes. Hotels restrict the availability of these rates and only offer them to a closed user group and not the general public. Because you have to pay to join GOjoinGO, it limits the number of consumers that can access their unpublished discounted rates and doesn’t cannibalize their standard retail rates.

Are there also big discounts on flights, rental cars, and entertainment?

We offer access to these travel products as more of a one stop shop convenience. Although from time to time, we do see discounts on other products, we don’t guarantee that the discounts will be as great as the hotel discounts we offer.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. We love win, wins! You get access to exclusive discounted hotel rates that you can’t get anywhere else and hotels sell rooms they may not have been able to sell otherwise.

Still skeptical? Sign up for our free 7-day trial and see for yourself. It will give you the opportunity to see and compare our rates to other booking sites and If you don’t see the value, then simply cancel before your free trial ends and you won’t be charged at all. When comparing our rates to other online travel sites, please be sure to compare the same hotel, same reservation dates, and the same room types so you can make an accurate comparison.

Is there a rate guarantee?

All hotel reservations booked through our website are guaranteed to be the lowest rate available at the time of booking. If you find a lower rate for the same dates and the same property, the process is simple:

• Submit our Rate Guarantee Form within 24 hours of your booking and include what the lower rate was and where you found it.
• Our reservation center will either refund the difference or cancel the reservations without penalty.

* This guarantee may not apply to special events or third party bookings. Refund amount will be credited to the same credit card used to make the reservation. This Low Rate Guarantee does not apply to reservations inside the property’s cancellation policy.  Lower rate found must be the same room type and room category.


Do you have hotels all around the world?

Yes, our inventory includes over 800,000 participating hotels and resorts in more than 15,000 destinations around the world.

What types of accommodations will I find on GOjoinGO?

You’ll find everything from budget to luxury inventory from all major brands as well as independent hotels and vacation homes.

Does GOjoinGO offer access to any other travel products?

Yes, our booking engine also offers access to flights, rental cars, and entertainment & attractions.

How do I make my reservations?

GOjoinGO’s booking process is identical to any other booking website except ours is stocked with deeply discounted wholesale hotel rates. Once you’ve joined, you can access the booking engine and begin searching for the perfect hotel for your trip. Simply enter your destination, dates, number of rooms, and number of guests and click the search button. After you’ve selected the hotel you wish to book, you will complete the reservation form and your reservation will be confirmed immediately. You will then receive an instant confirmation to the email address you provided.

How do I check rates and availability at a specific hotel?

Once you’ve done your destination search, all available hotels will populate. You can then type the specific hotel’s name in the “hotel name” field in the search criteria section.

Is the GOjoinGO booking site available in multiple languages?

Yes, the booking site is preset to English but you can select your preference of Spanish, German, or Mandarin.

How accurate are the hotel descriptions, photos, and amenities on GOjoinGO?

Each individual hotel is responsible for keeping their information accurate and they do so several times per year. If you have questions regarding a specific property, we recommend you contact the hotel directly and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

How do I pay for my room reservations on GOjoinGO?

Although some of our providers require just a deposit to hold a reservation, in most cases, when you book a hotel room on GOjoinGO you will be making a complete pre-purchase and paying for the room at the time you’re making the reservation. That’s one of the reasons the hotels are willing to offer such a deep discount of their retail rates.

Each hotel’s payment policy is clearly displayed on the booking site for you to review before confirming your booking.

Am I able to make reservations for someone else?

Yes! you can use your GOjoinGO membership and make reservations for colleagues, friends, or family members. You’ll simply follow the same booking process but be sure to include that person’s name and information as the guest. You can have a different name and address for the guest and for the person paying with their credit card.

Can I book multiple rooms at one time?

Yes, depending on each hotel’s availability, you can book multiple rooms through one reservation by selecting the number of rooms needed during the search process.

How do I change/cancel existing reservations?

We know travel plans can change. Should you need to either cancel or change your reservation, you can either complete a cancel/modify my reservation form which is found on the booking site or you can contact customer support and they will help you with any adjustments to your reservations. Before booking you’ll be able to review the hotels cancellation policy regarding cancellations and refunds.

What credit cards do you accept for hotel reservations?

For hotel reservations, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Can I make reservations by phone?

It would be our pleasure to assist you with reservations by phone. Please call the toll-free number listed on the Book Travel page on our site and one of our travel planners will be happy to assist you.

Can I book a room for tonight?

Some hotels allow us to book their rooms until 3:00pm on the day of arrival. Only those hotels that follow this policy will be displayed to you if your arrival date is the same day.

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